Meet the owners, Joel and Joanna

Then: Joel & Joanna opened happy Dogz in May of 2000. Nearly 20 years of dog behavior later, they are still coordinating things behind the scenes and you can catch sight of them if you look hard enough πŸ˜‰

Now: They have evolved from being not only puppy parents but dance parents, and in their spare time can be found hiding in the Northwoods.

Happy Dogz specialties: While they both focus on training and development of employees, Joel keeps things running smoothly by making sure the facilities, employees and dogs have what they need (he can fix or build almost anything), and Joanna does all the behind the scenes work that involves a computer.

Current pets: Scruffy, an Irish terrier mix rescued and rehabbed, who came to WI with only 2 of his 4 legs working (see his story on instaΒ @scruff.the.luffagus), and Talullah, a cavalier/poodle mix rescued on Christmas Eve many years ago. Babysitters, don’t tell the kids that even though parents say no dog for Christmas, Santa still brought you one… because it doesn’t always work out that way!

Favorite things: Joel: The Packers, a really good movie, and thrills (roller coasters, jetskis, etc.) Joanna: Trees, rain, and books. ~Also, watching their girls dance! (Can you say dance dad?)

Meet Laura

Then: Laura was 16 when her parents started bringing her family dog, Diego, to us.

Now: Many years later, Laura has been with us for over ten years and a manager for half of that. She lives for her boys and her pups.

Happy Dogz specialties: Morale and unending enthusiasm for all things dog! Always interested in teaching others more about dog behavior, Laura also heads up our hiring and orientations.

Current pets: Min pins, pomskis, and Chinese Cresteds, oh my! Laura had a legit pack of her own πŸ˜‰

Favorite things: Being vegan, dogs in general (FiaFia specifically), and learning/continued education πŸ™‚




Meet Danielle

Then: Danielle has worked for us since early 2008 with a few sabbaticals and hiatusus along the way. She’s lived not only in Madison, but also in NYC and Australia 🦘

Now: Plans for California were derailed with the pandemic, but she hopes to move to the sunny side of America when the metaphorical smoke clears.

Happy Dogz Specialties: Danielle is beyond reliable and helpful and always on top of everything!

Current pets: The pride and joy of the whole family is their cat Mocha πŸ‘‘

Favorite things: Movies, musicals, concerts, and Christmas!





Meet Dani

Then: Dani was 5!! years old when she first walked into Happy Dogz 😲 with her mom and their Basset Emily. From a young age, Happy Dogz was her dream job and she remembers asking Joel if she could work for him. He kept telling her to come back when she was 18. In the meantime, she spent a decade swimming competitively for a few teams around the Madison area πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

Now: Dani loves to hike and hangout with her friends and family. She’s working on traveling more and spends a lot of time reading and listening to podcasts about dog behavior and different training techniques.

Happy Dogz specialties: Dani is our office lead and a senior supervisor. Heading up day to day operations, mentoring new employees, and answering all the questions. She also has a hand our social media πŸ“·

Current pets: Cujo, a chihuahua, who was abandoned on the side of the road in the mountains in Kentucky. Maggie (@maggiem00_16), a husky mix Dani fell for the second she saw her picture on the DCHS website. And her family dog, Winnie, a hound mix adopted through Fetch.

Favorite things: Good food, Martinelli’s apple juice, and dogs!


Meet Jacky

Work: Jacky joined us in early fall of 2018 with previous grooming experience βœ‚οΈ

Fun: She likes to go on walks (with dogs), travel 🌎 and shave Puddles into new haircuts 🐩

Happy Dogz specialties: A full time supervisor, Jacky is always cheerful and ready to help out. She also has a hand in our social media accounts.

Current pets: Puddles (aka Diane) a poodle becauseΒ #groomerΒ πŸ˜‰

3 favorite things: Puddles, horror movies, and poodles!


Meet Lauren

Lauren joined us in June of 2019 with 4 years of management experience.

For fun she likes to spend quality time with family and doing things outdoors🌳

A full time supervisor, Lauren helps keep all the vaccination records up-to-date. With her management history, she easily handles anything that comes her way.

Current pets include her dog Gizmo, and cats, Aro and Bagheera.

3 favorite things: X-files, iced coffee, and new books! πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š


Meet Jenna

Jenna joined us in the fall of 2018. She not only had dog daycare experience, but also groomed horses on a family friend’s ranch as a kid. She always knew she was going to work with animals πŸ•πŸŽ

In her free time, Jenna likes to play video games with her friends and work on her illustrations, both digital and traditional. She is working on building her online portfolio! 🎨

A full time supervisor, Jenna is always super friendly and helpful. She’s also great about cleaning and keeping things in working orderβœ”

Current Pets: Duckworth the dog; Bug and Panini, the cats; and 4 other foster pups thru Fetch who have since found their forever homes 🏑

3 favorite things: old scruffy dogs, comfy clothes, and sunny days!


Meet Sammi

Sammi worked for us for 2 years in college and came back in the fall of 2019. She has a BS in Wildlife Ecology and an MS in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration, and plans to work with animals until she can find the right fit working with nature 🌳

For fun, Sammi likes to garden, adventure outdoors, explore with Matt and Poppy, and bake!

As a full time supervisor, Sammi is quick on the computer and adept with all manners of operations. She is also a confident, steady hand with the dogs.

Current pets:Β Poppy, a Small Munsterlander.

3 favorite things: strawberries, ice cream, and growing things πŸ“πŸ¨πŸŒ±


Meet Trevar

Trevar came to us in June of 2019 with previous dog daycare experience. πŸ•

For fun, he likes to take his dog Bella to new places and play video games with friends.

As a full time supervisor, Trevar is always ready for puppy cuddles and one of our go-tos for projects.

Current pet: Bella, beagle mix, seen above!

3 favorite things: hounds, scary movies, and winter! πŸ’€β„β›„